Friday, 22 March 2013

Fly swatting games

I was doing a spot of shopping today and spotted these funky fly swatters in the pound shop. I thought they would be fab for the kids to play with

Once we got back home I got the pompoms out to use as little flies.

We bounced the flies up and down on our swatters and had a competition to see who could do it the longest without letting the fly fall to the ground.

We also used them to flick flies into a bucket and as indoor tennis sets bouncing the fly to one another. This was quite difficult with the small pompoms so I plan on making some larger pompoms out of wool later.

Unfortunatley I was too busy running around playing to take pics so I will try add more pics later.

I am sure we will find many more ways to use our swatters. They could be used to balance things on  or to play tig. We could have a egg and spoon style race. We could use them in arts and craft and make paint prints. The only limit is our imagination :)

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