Friday, 22 June 2012

Cardboard Dalek

I try to teach my children about helping the environment and recycling on a daily basis. My children help sort out what things we can reuse or throw into the recycle bin.
On this particular occasion we had just bought bedroom furniture which was packed in lots of cardboard. After pondering for a few moments on what we could possibly do with it I decided it would be pretty awesome to make a cardboard Dalek.

Recycle! Recycle!

Unfortunately I did not have writing a blog in mind at the time so I didn't take pictures of the process. Although with it being a spur of the moment project without any pre-planning we had a few bumps in the road so it would of been difficult to do step by step pictures. However I have drawn some rough pictures  (with our bumps ironed out) to show how to make our Dalek.

I made my Dalek to fit my stepson inside so measurements will be based around fitting a person inside.


Parcel Tape
Plastic Party Cups 

The Face Panel

Step 1 First of all we need 3 hoops ensuring that the inner circumference is big enough to fit over the shoulders.

Step 2 Make 6 slits that are half the width of the hoop like shown in the diagram below. Make sure that they are in the same place on each hoop.

Step 3 Measure the length between the shoulders and the top of the head and add 2 inches. Cut out 6 strips of cardboard at this length. The width should be the same width as your hoop.

Step 4 Make a slit half the width of the strip an inch from each end and then a 3rd slit should be made in the centre.

Step 5 Join the 3 hoops together by sliding the strips of cardboard into the slits on the hoops. Fold the ends and tape down with parcel tape.

(cardboard strips in place before ends are taped down)

The head and chest

Step 6 Cut out a strip of cardboard 2 inches wide with tabs running about 2/3 inches apart along the length of the strip. The strip needs to be long enough to attach a cm away from the outer edge of the hoop on the top of the face panel. 

example of strips with tabs along

Step 7 Measure the distance between the shoulder and the waist.  Cut out a strip of cardboard the width of this measurement and the length of the outer circumference of the hoop. Again make tabs running along the length of the strip. This will make it easier to attach the the bottom of the face panel.

strips attached to the Face panel

Step 8 Cut out 4 strips of card about 2 inches wide. These need to be attached to the top of the face panel to make a dome for the head. The length will depend on the size of the hoop on the top of the face panel so you will need to play with the length until you get the right shape. The first strip needs to be attached to centre and taped down at either end. The second will be placed horizontally across centre to make a cross. The final two need to be placed diagonally at either side like shown in the  picture below.

strips placed on top to make a dome shape.

Step 9 Cut out 3 strips of cardboard about an inch wide and the length of the circumference of the hoop. Weave the three pieces in and out of the dome. (strips we attached in step 8) Trim any card that is sticking out after its all weaved round and cover the whole thing in parcel tape. This will secure the card and fill in any gaps.

The Lower Casing

Step 10 Measure from the waist to the floor and cut out strips about 4 inches wide. The amount required will depend on the circumference of the chest panel. They need to be taped together and attached to the bottom. This will give it a more angled look. 

Step 11 To make the sense globes attach your party cups to the strips on the lower casing. You will probably get about 4 cups to each panel. Ensure that they are lined up neatly on each panel. 

This is a very simple Dalek. We were limited with the amount of materials with it being a spur of the moment project. There are lots of things you can add at this point that we did not get chance to do.  I intended on adding the eye stick, manipulator arm, blaster gun and then possibly covering it in paper mache and painting it. Unfortunately we recently moved house and my Dalek was destroyed in the process  :(

"Emergency Temporal Shift!"

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