Sunday, 24 June 2012

This day In History - Pablo Picasso

I thought it would be interesting to teach my children about history by finding out what happened this day in history and thinking of some activities we can do to relate to what we find.

Our first instalment takes us to 1901.  On the 24th June Pablo Picasso had his first exhibition in Paris at the age of 19.

Self Portrait 1901


 The Blue Period 1901 - 1904

As the blue period started in 1901 I thought it was apt to concentrate on this era of Picasso's life. I explained to my children that Picasso was a famous painter from Spain who spent most of his grown up life in France. I let my children find these places on the globe.

Picasso was born in Spain

Picasso spent most of his life in France

 We searched Google images for paintings and watched a youtube video showing paintings from this period and explained to them that Picasso was very sad because his friend Carlos Casagemas died. I explained to them that Picasso used mainly blue and green to paint and we talked about the expressions on the peoples faces and how it made them feel.

" Mammy it makes me feel sad, like when I get hurt. That makes me sad " - Macey age 4  

 Blue Collage

We dug around in our arts and crafts box to find blue materials to make our very own blue artwork.
My daughter drew a picture of Picasso and used blue and green crayons, paint, glitter, tissue and magazine cuttings. My son is too young to understand but he had lots of fun making a blue collage :)

Macey - age 4

Drew - age 2

Happy Colours 

Afterwards I asked my children which colours made them feel happy. We talked about happy bright colours and got some materials out of our box to make a happy collage. Maceys happy colour was pink which we didn't have so we had a chance to talk about mixing colours.

Macey mixing red and white paint

Maceys happy collage

Afterwards I added some green paint to a tub of soapy water and we made bubbles by blowing through a straw. We then placed a sheet of paper over the top to make bubble prints. 

Macey making bubbles

Bubbles make me very happy mammy :)

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