Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter ice eggs

 I didn't think I would be saying this but I am a tiny bit disappointed (just a teenie tiny bit) that the snow has cleared in my area.  Expecting a snowy Easter weekend I thought it would be fun to make some ice eggs for a outdoor egg hunt and to play some games with them too.

To make the eggs use a dropper or syringe to put a few drops of food colouring inside of a balloon and fill with water. Give them a little jiggle around so that the food colouring mixes with the water evenly and place them in the freezer over night.

Tip: I used a normal balloon because they are a little thicker than water balloons. Stretch the balloon over the end of the tap to fill with water. 

When the water in the balloon is completely frozen cut the knot off the balloon and peel the balloon  away from the ice egg.

If it is still snowy in your area you can hide the eggs around the garden or have a game of marbles or skittles. You could also make some snow chicks and bunnies instead of snowmen.

Although we wont be using ours for a egg hunt we did find another use for them. We made Easter ice sculptures instead :)

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