Thursday, 21 March 2013

Construction site bath play

The bath is a perfect place to set up messy sensory play activities. Today we had a construction themed bath. I ran a bath and added a little yellow food dye to the water to make the water look like a murky construction site colour.  I threw in some bricks and plastic tools and some toy trucks for little man to play with. 

Foam sticks to the bath and tiles when wet so I used sheets of foam to make some brick bath stickers.  

We used a stool as a play table and squirted the top with shaving foam for him to play in.

Sensory activities  build on cognitive development. This is a mental process that includes memory, making decisions, problem solving and understanding language. It is the part of our brain that helps us process information and apply knowledge.

Maths can be applied to count, size, match and sort items into groups. They can grasp a better understanding of full and empty, more or less, and whether things float or sink.

Science concepts are used when predicting outcomes and experimenting with materials such as cause and effect. Children have the opportunity to explore and build a better understanding of gravity and speed.

English and language can also be improved. Children build their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills which are used for holding a pencil to learn how to write when pouring stirring, whisking and manipulating the materials. The activity gives a child a sense of self awe which they want to share. It gives them something interesting to talk to others about because each child will use the materials differently. It builds on their vocabulary as they try to express and share their ideas.

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