Tuesday, 23 October 2012

my first attempt at making curtains :)

I needed some curtains for my bedroom but did't want plain boring ones that were pretty much the only style I could afford with a tight budget so I decided to have a go making some myself. I bought a double duvet for £9.99 and used the lining of my old pair. I didn't take photos or make a tutorial with it being my first attempt but I will quickly explain how I did it.

It was really pretty simple. I removed the back panel from the duvet cover and used the top for my curtains.
I cut the duvet in half and laid it down good side facing up. I then laid the lining on top wrong side up (so that the curtains are inside out). I then stitched down  both parallel sides.

Using the pillow case I made 12 tabs (6 for each curtain panel. by cutting strips 3" x 9" ironed a hem into both parallel sides. I then folded the strip in half and pressed them with the iron.

I then pinned the tabs evenly across the top of the curtain panel. The majority of the tab should be between the two pieces of material with just a little bit of the ends poking out the top. (so the crease where the material is folded is in the inside and the two lose ends are poking out slightly)  I then stitched the top together securing the tabs in place. Trim the bits of tab that is still poking so that they are in line with the hem of the fabric.

At this point the curtains are inside out so I pulled them the right way round. I did not join the bottom of the lining to the bottom of the curtain fabric. I placed a hem in both the lining and the curtain fabric separately. I quickly ran over them with the iron before hanging.

I made some tie backs with jute twine and some left over material to make fabric flowers. I used the same technique as I would when making tissue flowers. This was a bit of long shot I didn't expect them to turn out but it worked and they look fab.

I also made a hanging heart to match :)

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