Monday, 22 October 2012

Lava Lamp

This is a nice simple science activity that does not take much time which is fab for busy routines and all the items needed can usually be found around the house.

Things you need

Plastic bottle or clear beaker/ glass
Any colour food dye
Vegetable oil 


1. Fill 3/4 of the glass* with water and a drop of food dye. 
2. Fill the rest of the glass with vegetable oil and wait for it to settle on top
3. Sprinkle salt and watch the bubbles rise. 

Simple Science 

Why does the oil layer on top of the water? 
When the oil is added to the glass the oil will layer on top of the water. This is because water and oil do not mix. Water is denser (heavier) than oil therefore the oil floats to the top.

What happens when the salt is added?
When the salt is added it drags a bob of oil to the bottom of the glass. The salt dissolves and the oil makes its way back to the top creating bubbles

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