Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Muffin Maths Game

A simple muffin game that can be used to practice counting, shapes, colours, and sums.  

This morning little man and I had a mini cooking session. We usually make cakes completely from scratch but I wanted something quick and not too messy to do with him so I bought some muffin mix. Afterwards I kept the box for their toy kitchen. I thought he would love pretending to make the muffins himself. I intended on getting some cardboard and making some muffins with him to put into the box. I thought he could colour them in and glue some sprinkles on them but whilst digging around in the crafts box for something to make sprinkles with I found some left over felt and ended up making this fab little game.

Firstly I cut out a muffin case using brown felt and made a muffin top with pale pink fabric.

I then made some sprinkles. I made a set of 5 in  6 different shapes.

The sprinkles can be used simply to decorate the muffin. A little activity to occupy them for a short while or they can be used to practise counting and to sort shapes and colours.

To use this as a educational game I made some cards which will show what is required to put onto the muffin. These range from simply asking to put a certain amount of a shape, or 2 shapes to working out simple sums. Here are some examples below.

I have used my muffin box to store the game (with a small container inside for the sprinkles.) and plan on buying some more felt to expand this game further by making more sprinkles with a larger amount and variety of shapes and also making  a few different colour muffins and cases.

Little man loved his new game, here he is making his muffins this morning :)

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