Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween games

Toss the ring at the witch hat

This was a spur of the moment idea after finding some party hats hiding in the back of the cuboard. The kids stuffed  the hats with newspaper to make them sturdier and stuck them onto some card covered in blue paper.  We then cut out some cardboard rings to be tossed around the cone of the hats.

I may replace the hats later with some cheap fabric hats. They can be purchased at local supermarkets for 50p and with enough stuffing they should be sturdy enough to throw hoops at.

Mummy ball

Originally I wrapped up the ball to make a mummy bowling ball game but then realised the plastic bottles I planned on using for the skittles had made their way into the recycling bin. However the children were still happy and have been playing roll the ball with their mummy head. I will hunt around tomorrow to try find something we can use as skittles to make this mummy ball a bit more spooktacular

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