Saturday, 3 November 2012

We Love... Greedy Gorilla

Encourage healthier eating in a fun way. Use the healthy food cards to create nutritious meals and post the junk food into the gorilla's mouth to make him burp, but don;t forget to say "Excuse me!"

Greedy Gorilla is a lotto game based around healthy eating. Each player starts with a menu board showing pictures and the word for six ingredients they need to find to make their nutritious meal. The use of pictures and words is great for language development and spelling. The pictures are also great for younger players. Drew is 30 months old and gets really excited when he can match a tile to his menu board. 

There are 24 healthy food tiles and 8 Junk food tiles.  The cards are jumbled up and placed faced down on the table. Each player takes in turns to pick up a tile and try match it to their board. The first player to fill their board is the winner. 

If a player picks up a junk food tile they have to feed it to the greedy gorilla to make him burp.  This is a big hit with the kids they get really excited and squeal with delight when they get to feed the gorilla. When the greedy gorilla burps the children have to shout excuse me. 

Orchard Toys recommends this game for 4 - 8 year old which is about the right age to be able to play without any help. My boy has been playing this since he was 2 and he loves it. He needs a little help but it does not disrupt the game. He understands he needs to wait his turn and he can match the tiles to the images on his board but sometimes needs prompting.  Sometimes he will go on greedy gorilla duty. He will turn the cards looking for the junk food to feed to the gorilla. Other time we use the tiles as flashcards and we will say what item of food is on the tile and then feed it to the gorilla. This not only expands his vocabulary but helps him easily distinguish tiles when playing the full game. 
My daughter is 4 and she also adores this game. She can play with no help at all and has a good understanding of healthy and junk food. She sometimes relates her own food to the game. If she has a ice cream she says I cant have too many mammy because I will be a greedy gorilla.

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