Friday, 30 November 2012

Hanging Reindeers

I love making these cute little hanging decorations with the kids. They ooze personality and are just adorable little keepsakes.

First of all cut a circle about the size of a side plate out of some brown card.

Fold in half and cut along the fold. One half will be used to make the cone for the body and the other to make the reindeer head. 

Take a piece of wool or twine roughly about 6 times the length of the card and fold it in half. Make sure the loop at the top is long enough to hang onto a tree or door handle (take in to consideration that a head needs to be stuck onto the top also) and the two ends need to be longer than the curved edge in order to stick feet onto the ends. Place a knot just below the straight edge as shown in the picture above.

Roll the card into a cone and glue the edges together to make the body. (making sure the knot is secure under the point so it can't pop back through)

Draw a head on the remaining semi circle, glue to the top of the cone and add accessories.  We used a bit of lighter coloured card for the tummy and some red card for a nose. We also attached googly eyes and tied some extra thread onto the bottom of the hoop to attach some bells.

We also made one out of felt :) Below are a few we made last year. These were more basic but still looked fab!

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