Friday, 17 August 2012

Pasta Beads

My daughter keeps asking for bead bracelet making sets but after last years trip to A&E because she got a bead stuck up her nose I have been even more reluctant to buy them.

However it is a pretty awesome activity and is great for fine motor skills so as an alternative we painted some penne pasta and threaded them on to some wool. This is fab for preschool children because the holes are large enough for them to be able to join in. My 2 year old boy was over the moon and brimming with pride with his bracelet he made. 

Drews bracelet :) 

I used Tesco's Value penne pasta  which is 30p for a 500g bag. Bargain!

We mixed some colours on a plate and painted the pasta. We made bright and pastel colour palettes 

Macey put out the bright colours 

 mixing pastel colours

Drew painting his pasta

Our pasta beads :) 

I tied the wool around a piece of pasta to stop them dropping off and I used a plastic needle (optional) to make threading a little easier for my youngest. 

pasta and needle tied to each end

threading the pasta.
 I tied the wool  about a cm away from the starting pasta we tied the wool to at the start and chopped the starting pasta and needle off.

chop the starting pasta and needle off

Macey's bracelet

Macey's necklace :)

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