Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weekend with Bertie bear.

Well done to my beautiful little girl. She got star of the week at nursery this week which means we have had the privilege of looking after Bertie bear for the weekend. Bertie became Maceys little fluffly bundle of joy. She loved looking after him.  Bertie came with his bag packed with his diary, toothbrush, hairbrush, pyjamas, and his favourite book, Owl Babies.

Macey asked me to read her and Bertie her favourite story. The Enchanted Wood - by Enid Blyton. She couldn't wait to introduce Bertie to silky, moonface, and her favourite character, saucepan man.

We wanted to make sure we had something interesting to write in Berties diary so we took him to the local Railway museum. They had a miniature railway set up which kept the kids amused, watching the little trains zoom around the track.  It was Chu Chu terrific!

There were various little activities set up around the museum. The kids particularly liked this one. When you press the button a sequence of coloured lights appear. The cargoes need arranging in the center in the same colour sequence of the lights. 

We have been blessed with sunny weather so Bertie and Macey hit the park.

At bedtime Macey brushes Berties teeth, combs his hair, and dresses him in his pyjamas. After a story they snuggle up in bed together for a good nights sleep.


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