Saturday, 12 May 2012

Trip to the Nature Reserve

Equipped with wellies we set of to the marshlands to discover the creatures that dwell in the marsh, across the grasslands and beneath the rippling ponds.

Hiding in the murky waters are great crested newts and slimy frogs and toads. Swarms of tadpoles and the googly eyes of the stickleback. Unfortunately it was difficult to capture them with our camera.



We made it our mission to find as many of these creatures as we possibly could before the dark clouds erupted and the heavens opened.

We found this lazy leech slithering across the pathway.

Our next step was to make our way to the grasslands. Something was in our way. Oh no! Its a puddle. We cant go under it. We cant go over it. We have got to go through it.

Splash Splosh Splash Splosh 

We came across a sign showing all the wildlife that the reserve attracted. Over in the grassland there were special kinds of flowers to attract butterflies and bees.

We followed a narrow winding path around a wooded area. We could hear the chirping of birds amongst the trees and bushes. The sign told us that this was the home to stoats and foxes. Macey was on the look out for fairies. We came across patches of fungi. There is something magical about fungi. Macey warned us that if there were mushrooms there were probably pixies.

On our route home we found lots of sticky jacks :)

 make every day an adventure 

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