Monday, 28 July 2014

Phonic Daisies

Phonic Daisies is a little activity I made for my daughter to practice her phonic knowledge.  I wanted a little activity that would help her recognise the different spelling of words that have the same phonic sound. This is something that she sometimes finds tricky. 

I cut out a pile of yellow circles and a pile of white petals. 

I wrote a phonic sound on the yellow circle and used 5 petals per circle to draw pictures related to the sound. Additional petals can be made for each sound to expand vocabulary and change it up each time the game is played. 

I choose to start off with the ee/ea and ai/ay sounds.
We concentrated on the separate pair of sounds individually  before grouping them together as a four. I gave her the two sound circles and scattered the ten petals across the table for her to assemble into pretty phonic daisies 

ai vs ay 

ai words: snail, train, nail, rain, paint   
ay words: spray, ray, say, tray, hay 

ee vs ea 

ee words: green, bee, three, tree, sheep
ea words: tea, sea, pea, seal, meat

I used a empty icecream tub to store our daisies and each week a new set of  phonic daisies with new sounds will be added.

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