Saturday, 3 March 2012


I discovered these fab sow and seal greenhouse in a bag micro salad growing kits and felt compelled to use them in my project.

The kids had loads of fun setting it up and watching it grow. The really good thing about sproutapouch is once they are set up no further watering is required and they are fully grown in 6-10 days and ready to eat. They were even more amazed when we got to eat it. I think even though they knew food came from various parts of the plant, actually growing it themselves and eating it made them more aware of this.

Set up is really quick and simple. First of all we placed the compost disc in the pouch, added water, and to my children's amazement  the disc instantly expanded to eight times the size. The children then enjoyed getting their fingers dirty fluffing up the soil and spreading it across the bottom of the pouch. We then sprinkled our seeds, gave it a little pat and we we were all set.  We sealed the bag, placed it in a sunny window, and the next morning the seeds had already started to germinate.

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